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Any good news out there ?

Don't everyone answer at once
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Re: Any good news out there ?

The list is pretty endless Elchirpe....

maybe not in your part of kansas, but the list is pretty endless....


If you want to see people with real problems, come and visit

our farm in Haiti. There is much to be thankful for, even if

our personal economy is not prospering for the moment.


Remember Saint Mother Teresa, "we are not called to be

successful, but to be faithful"


Another example, despite Paul Krugman's witless report on election day 2016,

the economy is pretty much booming. We just lost an employee who left our

$16/hour pay plus benefits to take a job that pays $38/hour plus all the benefits.

While we wanted him to stay, we cheered his success. Good for him. High

school graduate earning more than most college graduates. It seems

everyone that comes to work here leaves for fantastic jobs. That is great

news for local community, and ultimately our land values.


Like I said, the list is endless, especially seeing others build their lives and faith.


Like Ben R. likes to say, if your forefathers settled in the wrong spot, MOVE! 🙂

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Re: Any good news out there ?

Time, I'd be interested in hearing about your farm in Haiti.  I've been working with a ministry there since 2010.  (my first time in to Haiti, we arrived about 2 hours before the earthquake hit)  It always gives a much needed perspective to spend some time with the people there.