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Anybody looked at the U2U tool

This lets you look at what we can expect for corn reaching maturity.  You can select your area on the map, planting date, and the day corn that was planted. It gives expected silking and blackline dates. From looking at it I hope  a lot of 90 day corn was planted.


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Re: Anybody looked at the U2U tool

Yep........ it’s official.... we’re screwed in mn. It’s gonna freeze before black layer for my crops. Planted may 12th 95 day corn. Just remember black layer means 35% moisture corn and that’s oct 15th according to the chart. It’s gonna be bad deer hunting around here this year. Lots of cover for them. Hope I’m wrong. But I’m not gonna spend .50+ per bushel drying low test weight corn at 3.50/bushel. The market better wake up soon or there gonna only deal with a few farmers growing crops. The rest of us will be out of business 

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Theres quite

A few 104 to 107 day hybrids that mature great w only 94 to 96 days. 

There's going to be real good corn in the good locals. 

Granted though this crop is 20 million acres short though. 


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Re: Anybody looked at the U2U tool

Thanks for posting the link. But basically when you see silks, you need 60 days.  There`s some area corn that needs no freeze before October 17, if that`s freeze= 28 degrees for 4hrs they might pull that off, but boy it`s gonna be wet.  Probably 30% if it`s a decent fall and they combine on Thanksgiving.   Unless it`s an abnormal November, those short days have very little drying in the field, then there`s stalk quality issues too.

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