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Anyone else dry?

Running smoke, about to finish up. Ground is hard and getting almost too dry to run. A week ago it was working great now it's a fight to seal.

No matter your view we are due for a hot and dry summer and it might just be quietly setting up.

Finalized rotation for next year and looks like I will be approx 25/75 corn to beans. Usually closer to 50/50.

Bracing for worst case scenario that that corn belt grows a decent crop and we burn up. I can survive on 40 bushel beans and $10. 60 bushel corn at $3.50 don't work no matter how hard you try.

All that said, had another blessed year and feeling fortunate as I know there are some people in some pretty stressed situations.
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Re: Anyone else dry?

yes been dry and windy since september 600 mi west of you

Ground is hard crusted.   will finish last of harvest in by thursday ........ milo now..... corn done three weeks ago...


We're strip tilling some dry and ok yet on irrigated acres of corn stalks.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

Yes, dry here 200? miles north of you.  .4" total for Nov. Normal is 2.2".  Closing in on 5" below normal for the year.  The tiles I watch are not running.  Cover crops are struggling a little.  A wet spell in the next 4 months can change things fast but makes one wonder.  No wild geese flying yet.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

most of the wheat planted long time ago.........has not come up yet.


in placed blessed by some showers, it is up to.


sorry sw about you not done yet on the milo.  finished up yesterday......and i'm not even going to talk about it, other than

one of the worst crops we have ever didn't rain this summer.  The milo didn't come up for more than a month

due to no moisture, and what little moisture we got, it did nothing, and some was frozen......some fields didn't even head.

double crop beans were not even cut.


yes it's dry.


If this was in iowa......they would have called out the national guard by now.


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Re: Anyone else dry?

My tile quit running in September.  We had a few rains in October, but obviously not enough to exceed soil holding capacity.  I'd be happy to get some more moisture before freeze-up.


BTW, I keep hearing from agronomists that drought resistant corn was not the savior of yields this year.  Generally, genetics are better.  We had a cool August that allowed corn to keep filling.  There was not much evidence around here of disease and pests.  Corn was generally clean of weeds.


All I'm saying is it probably is worth while to ask some serious questions before betting the farm on drought-resistant corn in a dry year.  It may help but may not save the bacon.  Just going on what I'm hearing from seed corn dealers and ISU agronomists.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

D3 drought here started in June, got wet in Oct, never got rid of all the cracks.


Started working down corn stalks with a plowing disc, too wet till late in the week last week. It would still be better to be a little drier out there.


Had guy here grid sampling some fields, had him in one I've been using as pasture, had to come back for a hand probe and screw driver to dig it out after he got it in, little hyd thing on his atv couldn't get in over 1 1/2" .


Very good time of year for a drought.


That volcano In Bali could cause a climate problem. (Cause global cooling) I don't feel the need for a bitter winter.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

There are many ways to make a "drought tolerance"  leaf size, and the "structures" of the leaf itself, height of plant, a more agressive

root system, and also physiological "modifications".  The is a pathway that can use an assay of cells that will produce a physiological

more tolerant plant.

actually there are 3, I'm most versed on 1.


From what I've seen ((and granted I do not raise corn)), I've noticed that the "drought tolerant" corns seem to stay greener longer,

when other plants are drying up, now if that translates to higher yields.....maybe, maybe not.  granted you need a live plant to

produce a crop......but when things get so stressed, another set of genes kick in that can lead to lower yields.


my question is this, how would things work if used under limited irrigation.  


I have not seen any data on yields........would you be better just cutting the population, or using the super doper "drought tolerant"

stuff......due to the cost difference in seed, did you really gain in income, rather than use a 'regular" corn and just cut

the population.  Seems that population does have a "impact" on "drought tolerant".


my impression is, since the seed companys have not done this kind of research, and published it, it  is not in their favor.

most seed companys have a few smart cookies, and if they learned something that makes their seed look good and

and easy to see the high cost seed will pay for itself.......they would have posters all over the place on it.


it it be a wise "hedge" to plant some drought tolerant"  corn on less than idea soil....good question.  are the base genetics of

a rugged plant, to did we just cut in the other things on a whimpy line, that if it goes get rain, it will take off like an airplane,

and you as a seed company play the odds, and say it yields good because it has racehorse genes in it.


that is the kind of research we need..........not the maxium population we can plant........the higher the population, the more seed

needed, the more seed we sell.........tell me, are they really trying to help YOU.



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Re: Anyone else dry?

Fall NH3? Really? I guess someone has to keep growing the dead zone in the gulf.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

We were tiling 4 1/2 foot and barely any water...which is good, but there was a stretch I had to hook the 4 wheeler ahead of the Cat to get through.   But it`s a little dry and that`s the way I like it.  I don`t think the markets will go up on it though.   Last year at this time that same area had a 1 foot pond, but that was the fall from hell.

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Re: Anyone else dry?

Poorly drained clay with high CEC

If I loose it, it's from denitrification. Not leaching. Ground temp is in low 40's and set to crater. And I will plant corn in march if the ground is fit.

My N efficiency last year was 0.8 lbs/bu. I have been as low as 0.5 before. That's dang good for all preplant N.

If you wanna talk N programs feel free to ping me. I have tried and used just about every combo under the sun. Dry. Wet. Gas. In all forms and timings and app methods.

Smoke works and it's cheap (21 cents a unit this fall) and it's the most effecient form on my dirt.

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