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Are Crop Tours Legal ?

Yes, i'll admit i was in a sour mood today.....part of it was due to drop in wheat prices, which was linked to the crop tour...

"how good things are"....

I think some of you read some of my earlier comments today......

I had to do some traveling so to make the miles past faster, i was thinking about things....and when i got home, i looked up some things.


first, lets look at this citation:


ok, once you wade thru that, get on your hip boots and go thru this:


and lastly, look at the few first paragraphs of this citation:


Now.....keep a open mind....


As I mentioned in another post, this group of people, are coming onto your property without permission, are taking property, and

destroying property, without your permission...AND ARE TAKING AND RECORDING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION

in particular of your business operation, and making a report, which those attending use for financial gain, and give

that information for others for a financial gain......


The yeild of your wheat is confidential information, and could also be considered proprietary information...the

same with the condition of your crop and if it has any disease.


If you would go to any other industry, would they let you go out the back lot, count, take samples, and then use this information

to profit from......


This is EXACTLY what the crop tours do....they are illegally obtaining trade secret information and proprietary information

and those on the tour use it to profit.....such as traders, millers, etc.....

oh, while we are on the topic of millers....consider, they are going out, looking, and getting an idea on what to do, for their

own personal profit.


now before you start to holler that it is public is what your yeild public


you'll say, well it's legal to drive by.......yes, it is, but the minute you crawled out of that van and tresspassed, you

just broke the law.


you can say....oh, it doesn't hurt anyone, and doesn't make a difference............


consider this.........wheat went down a minium of 15 cents today, and according of "qualifed experts", it was due in part

to the "good" report from the wheat tour.....


talk about economic damages.......


15 cents, using last years production of  321. million bushels last year..........there could be a possible economic

impact of $48,150,000 dollars


talk about economic impact !!!!!


that fits nice into citation #2.....


oh yes.....foreign governments also use this now that really makes the chees more binding.


for my fellow producers in the wheat state....we all know too well about the woe's in topeka with finances......


This one act.....done on one day in the state....the impact made would put us in the cutting back on schools,

road repairs, etc......


Just think about all the above.......then look at the economic just might start to view it different.


Enjoy !


OH I FORGOT.....remember all the stuff we hear about "big data", and how its supposed to be safeguarded, such

things as your combine broadcasting what your yeild is....and now this stuff is supposed to be protected.......


...... would this information "collected" the same ????


can you say class action lawsuit ?

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Re: Are Crop Tours Legal ?

If I was driving around my place and saw people in my fields cecking things out I would not be happy about it at all. To me its all about common courtesy. I have no problem at all if people ring me and ask if they can or simply turn up to my house to have a chat and check things out. It is not hard to get someone's permission. If I did see people "crop checking" on my place without permission I would absolutely take things further.

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Re: Are Crop Tours Legal ?

I agree 100%. Same as shooting a dog for running my cattle, I have a right to protect my property. Although that might be a tad extreme 😉
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