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Argentina Visitors

Maybe this should go in the Crops section - yet it does have to do with marketing in one since : ))


I received an e-mail about 2 weeks ago from Dr. Bob - that there would be around 20 to 25 Argentine Farmers and agronomists visiting Dow in Indy on Monday morning - and was wondering if I and the other cooperator would host a visit from them -

I first called my sister that works at Dow and told her about it - her reply ? Oh god yes - do it - they are great people to work with and fun to be around .

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ( copyright Jabber ) I agreed to do it , I will say my sister nailed it ! Great , great - group of farmers - even it they did talk a little funny : ))

The one thing that was very apparent from the get go was - it don't matter where you farm - what country you farm in - or what part of the world you farm in - is that farmers are farmers - many of the same concerns - you name it .

They were here at the plot field for about 2 hours and fellers - the had questions ! It was interesting that they don't have tile in there fields down there - no bins or dryers - they use big bags to store in - they plant group 8 beans in the North and 2.8 - 3's in the South - That gave Ken a ***** moment right there - right over my head - lol BUT I forgot about the equator - everything down there is in reverse - North is hot - South is colder , That just don't sound right does it ? Headed to - say - Wisconsin or MN for a winter get away to get warm ?? Boy I'm glad we have what we have - lol

We then went over to the other cooperators new bin set up - questions ??? yep - thousands : ))

The other thing was the language barrier - really not to bad - it was surprising how you can pick up on what there thinking or trying to get across - which could be funny sometimes .

I will say that this ranks right at the top of any field day or meeting I have ever attended ! And would host them again in a heart beat .

The only bad thing ??? Just not enough time to be with them - so much to be learned -

BTW - I dam near forgot this one - I think the smallest farmer - ground wise was 15 thousand acres !!!!!!!!!! A father - son team - One was a - I will call a farm manager - ran 123 THOUSAND acres - I did ask him if it all laid close ? HE said it would be like a farm here and others as far as the state we call Kansas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holly **** - that is some serious road time ! Had only 15 employees to do it all .

Well I will say it again - What fun to host these guys ! A great day here in East Central Indiana - for me anyway !

Special THANKS to Dr. Bob Nielsen for setting this up !

If you guys ever get to meet up with farmers from the South - Ken says DO IT : )))

Well better get , be safe












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Re: Argintina Visitors

OH NO!  You left the 79 Binder out for them to see. I was wanting to buy that but I guess it's gone now.

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Re: Argintina Visitors

Sounds like a great group. The SA farmers that come to America to learn are a little like the KGB, they soak it all in 100% of the time. Always fun. Most now speak english as well.


I would point out for those who have heard how bad EC's crops are, look in the background, there is NOTHING wrong with that corn, maybe 5 days later than optimal, but excellent potential IF it stays cool and damp in late July/August. I expected nothing less from EC, he knows how to grapple with Mother nature.

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