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As for the corn market

A corn trader that sees the world through a technical lense offered up these thoughts, going forward, for the corn market.


"Yeah, as I noted back on Jan. 21, 2020, I like corn to go back up to $4.00 per bushel, but that it would initially meet resistance. We are in range of $4.00 and $3.67. Which, if we close under $3.77, on Friday, we will test that lower area. Right now, nothing says break out above or below this range," he says.



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Cash corn

Cash corn in areas of use costs quite a bit more than futures quotes. 

Say it takes bout $4.55 to 4.70 to lay in corn currently. 

Even so it's still cheaper than feeding wheat. 



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Re: Cash corn

watching "world" futures and marketing local doesn't make much sense.

Basis and cash trade are very disconnected from futures watchers.  Grains act more like cattle futures these days.

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Re: Cash corn

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