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As impeachment is confirmed, Brazil looks for more trade

The impeachment of the now former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was consolidated by the Brazilian Senate and the Supreme Court. Previous to this vote, the Brazilian Senate already had impeached Rousseff in a political vote, and now was confirmed by 61 votes to 20.


The imcubent president Michel Temer will now travel to China to seek more trade. The agriculture minister, Blairo Maggi, will travel with the president for a tour that will pass also through Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. The schedule also has a meeting of all agriculture minister of the G-20 countries. Sources of the Ministry of Agriculture say that Brazil seeks to export more soybean meal and soybean oil, instead of just grain to China.


One thing that is very surprising was that after the impeachment vote, the senators have  decided not to revoke Dilma Rousseff's political rights for eight years, as the law previously said for the cases of impeachment. Some political parties may appeal and some jurists are worried. Rousseff, if assuming a different public post, will be able to avoid major investigations over her and jail.

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Re: As impeachment is confirmed, Brazil looks for more trade


Wish we had some good news to match yours.  But all we have to give you is low prices.... 

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