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August, Fall Weather To Be Market Movers?

Even if you start a conversation, today, about August weather, it seems to end with frost possibilities in the fall. So, I went right to the source.


Full Story:  August, Fall Weather in the Corn Market's Bullseye


What say you?





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Harvest Moon

Is Sept 15.

Soo i figure it likely will not freeze till maybe Oct 15.

Pretty damp environment this year sooo frost could delay to Nov. 

Well see. 

Heck there will be 70 million acres of pretty decent corn w an Oct 15 killing frost. 

The other " supposed " 20 million acres are not worth a dam no matter what. 

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Re: Killing frost, forty years ago.

Forty years ago, here anyhow, we expected a killing frost anytime after Sept 15 and almost always got it by Sept 25th.

 It seems like nowadays, we can't get a killing frost until Halloween to kill the soybean stems so that they'll dry down.

Cornell has added two weeks on each end of the growing season so I guess I'm not just imagining it.

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Re: August, Fall Weather To Be Market Movers?

Sue Martin was on the WHO Big Show saying a respected crop assessor determined that the crop wasn`t as good as USDA reported last year and farmers don`t have the amount of old crop on hand as everyone thinks.  I can`t comment, because in NCIA last year our crop was worse than it appears will be this year (knock on wood) I don`t know, a lot of bragging was going on outside of NIA and SMN last year.  

So those bragging about 280bu/acre last year, maybe it was only 250?   USDA confirmed the 280 or whatever, now the tide goes out and we see who`s swimmin` naked.   Cause this year won`t even be a washcloth to cover up in some areas.   USDA getting cute and over estimating production might catch up to them on a year when rationing will be required.