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August report change

News that USDA will alter the way it gleans
Data for it.
From what I understand, they will not do one
Of their famous field survey... But other methods
Including sat imagine. does it matter anymore ?
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Re: August report change

Really? Always good to add more uncertainty to a market that is convinced

the sky is falling. Might as well chop off Chicken Littles Head Smiley Frustrated

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Re: August report change

All this "Field View" and the information goes in the cloud and gets sold or given to elite traders.  Used to be someone would go on a 200 mile trip to a summer wedding and everyone would ask "how`s the crops out there??".  I give up, I just hope they see fit to let me have enough to cover most of my bills that my town job doesn`t catch.   Smiley Happy

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Re: August report change

That 737 story is affecting washington.


Considering no fly overs............