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Re: Awesome

Had uncle/aunt dairy farmers that always had really good corn on cob when we ate over there at right time of year, figured out later that it was field corn, but I really liked it.  My parents always picked sweet corn too early, but just the way they liked it.  When I started farming, parents got what sweet corn they wanted, then I started picking what was left, by then it was mature enough for my taste.  Past 10 years or so, I haven't been planting any sweet corn, just sampling different varieties of field corn, they're almost all pretty sweet, roasted and buttered, grilled and ranched, etc.-- it's all good.  After eating field corn like I do, whenever someone serves up some of the really sweet, sweet corn, it tastes like candy more than corn.


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Re: Awesome

This was "What's for Supper?" last night.  A piece of No Name salmon, potato salad, some refrigerator pickles, and the sweet corn - sorry for the bite out of the sweet corn - I took a bite before I thought about taking a picture for you all.  








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Re: Awesome

That looks good, i like my sweetcorn just a little further along though.  I don`t use butter, just salt.


I remember at Sapps consignment sale, in August he`d have a sweetcorn and bologna feed at the auction.  The one time they had the idea of a pan with melted butter to drip the ears in ..well between the flies and Tractor jockeys and junk dealers and their God knows what on their hands it quickly became a disgusting mess   🙂  Uff-Dah!    After that they started giving out individual pats of butter.


The August sale`ll be coming up, I wonder if Jason the "new guy" will still have the sweetcorn deal.



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Re: Awesome

Nox you are probably wrong.

Jenn's entry will not be considered political by because it too closely resembles the views of ownership...

It will stay and be a bright indicator of how fake the "moving of entries" is........ It is and always has been an attempt to suppress viewpoints management disagrees with...

Jenn is safe.

Although Jenn may may have accomplished expressing political foolishness to a point of loosing respect on other issues...  That is the only risk here.....


This one will stay.