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B-Team Report for Tuesday, October 9

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At mid-session, December corn is 2 1/4 cents higher at $7.44 1/4, while November soybeans are 10 cents higher at $15.61 and December wheat's 8 3/4 cents higher at $8.69 3/4.


Mike and the gang are heading into Wisconsin and west into Iowa today. Here's a little of what they saw yesterday. Definitely some nice yields just west of Chi-town where they saw the timely rains that so many people missed out on.



Marketeye's somewhere in the wilds of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin today checking in on how harvest is rolling along there, so the B-Team's in today again. Luckily, I get to get out there with them soon! 


In the meantime, I'm taking full credit for higher markets today -- looks like Turnaround Tuesday, with soybeans taking the lead. We're 18 1/2 higher for November beans at $15.69 1/2. December corn is 3 3/4 cents higher at $7.45 3/4 per bushel and December wheat is 9 cents higher at $8.70. 


Sounds like everybody's waiting on some fresh news from the big USDA reports Thursday. What do you think we'll see Thursday? Can they make these crops bigger, and will they try? 

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Re: B-Team Report for Tuesday, October 9

I think the report will bring us bear (Soybeans) and bull (corn) news .  I think things are shifting (highlighting) the corn damage.  Who knows.  I am not going to trade this report but will wait afterwards.