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B-Team Time for Monday, April 15

Well, Mike's out of here for the next few days, so you're back in with the B-Team this morning unfortunately! I'll try to keep something of at least marginal importance in here throughout the day!


We're double digits lower in corn, beans and wheat. Blame Mike! Ha! Actually, sounds like we may have China to blame, as their growth numbers were lower than expected this morning, so that's a big drag on just about everything. 


Most importantly this week is going to be the weather. We had another day of rain yesterday here around Des Moines. But, at least it was warmer than it had been. Just chatted with one of our weather experts and he said no planting's going to happen in the Corn Belt this week, and though the precip's going to lighten up into next week, it's going to stay chilly.


So, maybe a good time to go on a vacation?! What are you all doing to keep from pacing a trough in the floor? 

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Re: B-Team Time for Monday, April 15

Buying opportunity???
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Re: B-Team Time for Monday, April 15

Yep........Wouldn't be surprised to hear of some sales to China this week...........

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Re: B-Team Time for Monday, April 15

The reasoning that China's growth rate is down to around 8% as an explanation for grains dropping is about as good as dropping a rock on your toe instead of drinking coffee. Grain commodities just don't work like that. Now, if their growth rate went  -8%, maybe.

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Re: B-Team Time for Monday, April 15


Way I see it, is the planet's population isn't dropping..until that happens, i can't see grain prices falling too far unless people stop eating  (not likely), 100's of 1000's of new acres are put into production (not likely) or rampant manipulation (likely???)...  🙂

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