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B-Team floor Talk, Thursday, May 14

Well, the rain's falling here in central Iowa this morning and it looks like it's going to be a soggy weekend around here, for the most part. If you're in the western Corn Belt, you're likely in the same boat, and by this time tomorrow or a little later, you'll be feeling the raindrops in the eastern Corn Belt. Will today let you ECB guys get all your corn and/or beans in the ground?


In late overnight trading, the July old-crop corn contract is trading 3 1/4 cents higher at $3.65 1/2 per bushel, while the December new-crop contract is 3 cents higher at $3.81 1/2. The July soybean contract is 3 3/4 cents higher at $9.61, while the November new-crop contract is 3 1/2 higher at $9.38. July wheat is 7 1/4 higher at $4.88 3/4 per bushel and the December contract is 6 1/2 cents higher at $5.11.


Here's more on today's open...


Sounds like ethanol demand numbers helped corn prices stay afloat yesterday, and we should have some new export sales numbers this morning. The Dollar keeps going lower, and if the Index loses about another 6 points, it could be really supportive to the grains, one analyst says this morning. Think that will happen soon? 


Alright, off to watch the rain fall a bit. What else is shakin' this morning? Everybody stay safe out there!





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Re: B-Team floor Talk, May 14 Corn/Bean Ratio

Mike Mock at Anderson Grains has been informing farmers to look out for the ratio between Corn and Beans.  If Corn is at $3.50 and with a normal Ratio of 2.3 to 1.0 it should put Beans at 8.05,  He thinks it will take some time to get there but that is what he thinks might happen.

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Re: B-Team floor Talk, May 14 Corn/Bean Ratio

Jeff --------- what happened at the end.  My screen is showing +30 on wheat for the day.  Are you continuing the anti-wheat bias??


is it a mirage??  hopes coming true??    Is my medical marijuana on double dose??

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