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B-Team is back! What's cookin' with the grains today

Good morning, everybody. Been bouncing around like a maniac so far this morning, so apologize for being so late to the game!


So, what's going on with grain prices today? Well, looks like I'm good luck, because we're movin' higher and while I'd love to take full credit for that, I think there are a few other things underfoot here. Our man in Kansas Bill Spiegel's on the wheat tour down there this week, and he said they saw some really rough fields yesterday. Some of the worst were actually right out around my hometown in Sheridan agronomist said things look worse out there than they have since 2001. Ouch. I'm hearing things get worse the farther south you get out there. I'll have to see if I can get my local crop scout out there (my old man!) to get me another report soon!


So, looks like maybe the wheat pit's paying attention to those yield numbers. Bill filed this report for us last night from the tour. Anybody else out there keeping up with it? 


Meanwhile, there's a lot of talk amongst traders and analysts about next week's WASDE report. Anybody think we'll see any fireworks from that thing?

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Re: B-Team is back! What's cookin' with the grains today

You were good luck, Beans are down now.


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Re: B-Team is back! What's cookin' with the grains today

Hello boys,


Brazilian analyst Frederico Schmidt (Priore Investments, Curitiba) is in a wheat tour in the state of Kansas, USA. He sent me this photos from the Northern part of the state and I thought that this would be interesting for you too, folks. Average yields in that region now is 34.3 bushels per acre - down from 34.7 bushels per acre last season. The average for a five-year period is 42.5 bushels per acre.










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