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BDI- whassup with this?


Durn thing is absolutely cratering. Whassup?

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Re: BDI- whassup with this?

There is no stimulus money left in the whole world therefore no false demand for goods created by Gov. spending.  Thereby driving down frieght needs. We are screwed! JR

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Mark, ncIA
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Re: BDI- whassup with this?



Looks like a small, even seasonal move.  Index is just range bound, but in territory it used to trade in pre-commod boom ~2007.  Look at the 5 yr.  Would imagine margins are a bit tighter for the operators though, with today's fuel price.

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Re: BDI- whassup with this?

ouch. 2500 isn't a good sign with xero % rates.


Craterville ?


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Re: BDI- whassup with this?

Looks like things aren't so rosy.  Also check out the ECRI's Weekly Leading Index.  The growth rate is declining sharply and is at -5.7% as of last Friday.  If it gets to -10%, according to their historic data, there is 100% chance of a recession.  Many analysts are shaking this index off even though some of those same people were using it as an indicator when it was predicting the U.S. coming out of recession many months ago.

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