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been calling around to the brokerage places, getting ideas and reads on the market....

i was surprised, several come out and said the markets are becomming difficult to read,

from electronic/programed trade, then traders pushing things one way or the other, then

"investors" comming in and doing the same.......perhaps the best way to put is is the

steve winwood song "When you see a chance take it"....


The overall idea is that we think markets are going to go up....for nothing more than "they should"....we see basis improvement

in the comming months, due to some far distant images of the weather not be "record breaking" in 2017....and with a comming

report that may not be as big as some have business has been good on beans, and the stills have been cooking

alot of corn squezzings....


so, perhaps buying some call options in the june/july area for corn might be ok....for those that have to let go before the

end of the year for various reason....basis capture, i don't think there is any hope ...but "board price" maybe...


talk already of "marketing" beans now...with buying a put...and then if needed, do a futures contract with the local elevator, when

you think things are "better"....


wheat might be simular....lock in basic board price with put, that will leave upward movement...and do a basis contract....


but i guess the above would be mute, if you were thinking storage hedge.....


ideas ?


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elcheapo - mute means silent, moot means subject to discussion.  Not sure which one you mean.

Why do you think corn will go up and why is a corn call now a good idea?  I'm not sayhing it's not, maybe I'll leg into a synthetic put like I said I'd do last year and didn't, even after time told me how to do it.



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