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Backyard notes

There is a quote,"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain


I would add:  "The news of a great corn crop has been greatly exaggerated."


It is a good corn crop. Backyard only.  Last year was just so very exceptional. If the hill sides looked stressed in July/August the monitor is showing a 50 to 75 percent yield hit there.  Hurts the average.


Rumors late beans are not holding averages as well as early beans, sure there are exceptions to each.

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Re: Backyard notes

Spent last two days delivering non gmo corn to a country feed mill in Van Wert, Iowa area,.easy fifty mile drive, no long nasty hills.

Chicken feed. 


Their crop was running 80ish on corn and 35 in the bean fields. Saw several fields that were gonna take several acres to even make those yields.  Two corn fields south of Osceola were still green including the shucks, wonder when that was planted. 

Lots of beans still not ready.

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