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Honored Advisor

Basis widened

to +20 this afternoon on corn here in South Podunk country. I finally got my first corn planted this evening. The first beans are just breaking ground level this afternoon.


Local basis on beans at the Gavilon terminal here is at -35 .

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Re: Basis widened

Basis narrowed around here.  Though with positive basis narrowing seems like widening.


If it doesn't start raining I might have to hire an agent  to market the rest of my old crop. 🙂


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Senior Contributor

Re: Basis widened

Corn +42 here. Not sure the motivation. Same as last summer. Beans still minus a bunch not sure exact number
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Re: Basis widened

went to +.17 on nearby in ncia. growing corn crop looks good, but missed the rain lat night. small chances of rain and normal temps this week. beans just emerging.

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Re: Basis widened

+51 sold to adm clinton a few days go

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