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To add insult to injury, basis is very wide.
According to my research, way out of line
Vs historical values.
An interesting note. The basis has really gotten
Out of line since the covered pile systems
Have been used
My thought...they have got sloppy, we have
More loss..who cares the farmers can pay
For it just adjust the basis
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Re: Basis

Elcheapo, in my area yields were generally good. For me the soybean yield was the best in 3 years, but corn yield was slightly lower than 2013 or 2014. It seems I'm not alone, the basis for beans in my area is -.20 to -.30 while basis for corn is +.03 to +.14. If you go slightly further south, the basis for corn is probably even better since the corn yields were a lot lower than normal. 

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Re: Basis

Well here is what they throw in my face for basis

Wheat. -55
Corn. -47
Milo -60
Soybean -75

And similar basis for miles around..,

We are in a black hole....underpriced grains. And high input cost and equipment dealers the highest priced around
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