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Bean disapearance

OK who (like it is a mystery) is buying boat load(s) of beans today and having just a slight amount of trouble topping off the load(S)?

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Re: Bean disapearance

argentina is in a world of hurt right now..............


probably enough to offset this bumper brazil crop we hear about............


this will pull corn along at some point, as SA corn acres are down which means we still need to plant a decent pile of corn in 2014............and if SA comes up short with China's appetite, we will need a decent pile of soya acres too.......


the battle has begun.........


also, tuck those weather comments I made in the post below away.............may factor in here within a few months..........throw in a June stocks report that finally fixes the production fubar of USDA cica 2013............and we have anything from disaster prices..........

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Re: Bean disappearance

I have posted numerous times that the drought isn't over yet.


Loaded out corn stalk bales last week off of riverbottom ground and there were cracks about 3/4 to 1 inch wide out there. tile lines are not running in this area. Dry out in many parts of the western corn belt too.


The dust bowl years had one better year tucked between the really droughty ones.


Should work out great for the forward sellers, and prices that don't rebound before crop insurance prices are set.


Maybe a few nervous bankers out there in the hinterland?


The local Gavilon grain terminal is offering "free" price later on beans.


The guy that does some of my trucking called this morning looking to haul my beans in to them with that "great deal".


I asked him; how that would work when Bunge, ADM, or Cargill had a better bid later?





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