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Keep it Simple

@Hobbyfarmer wrote:

"Getting to be too much new terminology anymore.

I don't know if I am a farmer, producer, or grower.

I don't know if my bulls care to be called bulls or if they are offended by gender assigning.

I don't know if I should milk cows or milk almonds I harvest from a tree first.

I am not sure if I am the enemy of the environment due to carbon footprint or if I am the salvation of Humanity due to my ability of carbon sequestering.

I am not sure if I am a conspiracy theorist or a domestic terorist due to my questioning of the election.

I am not sure if my fences are Kraken proof but I am sure I didn't let it out!

I am not sure if When I get up I am working for me or the freeloaders.

I am not sure if I take a government handout I am a socialist or a savvy businessman.

I am not even sure if they are a handout or diabolical scheme to get me to pay more for seed!

I am not sure if the truth is objective or the people who pervy it to me are just smarter than me and more woke.

I am pretty sure that I am not woke but I am not entirely sure I care!

My confusion is all-encompassing

 Perhaps forget your supposed magic Crap and just be stupid and simple. 

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Nice rains

It appears there are on going nice rains in southern Brazil in the driest areas.

Argentina not so much.

Problem is in the driest areas, RAIN late still will not ever reverse corn with bottom leaves dried up and beans that aborted seed # s in the pod. Kernal size and counts aol be down and soy seed size will be smaller.

Yields will be down but square miles of crops are up.  



Here in South Podunk country only two out of 12 tile outlets are putting any moisture into the river right now.

One is only seeping the other mostly comes from the neighbors with at least a mile of tile hooked to it.

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Re: Beans beans the musical fruit

Well Hobby,   That list reminds me of the one I jotted down a couple of weeks ago dealing with reasons "I don't think. under any circumstances record production is going to happen in the US just by way of higher prices"   

The list highlighted for the most part, by the idea that government intervention in the US economy has reached the edge of the tolerable atmosphere.  I can't buy a shell to address a coyote problem in my back yard...... I can't trust that the terrorists are buying them up as the "news" repeats but my supplier says whole sale supplies are being restricted and have been for near a year......( the planned covid crisis??)  who knows.  --------- then there is the fact that congress still has the loan rates at fsa in sub $3 levels for corn and sub $6 levels for beans.....  If we see $20 beans cost of production will be $18-19 per bushel in the new congressionally designed monopoly economies.

Follow that thought until the only two sources of consumer products is Amazon and Walmart or their west coast subsidiaries in agriculture dictating supply of shells, and fencing materials, fertilizer, gloves boots -- tools, fuel etc etc etc.------ and if cotton is any example of the big money approach to suppling and marketing, the monopoly control of production and consumer goods will dictate who gets the premium for having the right phrases on the label and who supplies the "cheap" market to the poor.

I think lifestyle and bureaucracy ineffeciencies mean we have seen the "hay day" of American production in the rear view mirror  .....The ethanol hype may have been the last and best of congressionally supported, steroid grain production.  What do you think....... This is a totally different form of agriculture than the "family farmers that survived the last century.  Amazons midwest distribution centers will be followed by the billions invested in "showing us how" agriculture should be done.  Communal agriculture didn't work anywhere else in the world because the technology wasn't right....... we will all get to watch those who put it together in tech hand it off to the ones left holding the bag of money..... will congress let them spend on farm ground instead of politics???  This current SF website has an amazing example of congress at its worst....... I for one did not like hiring illegals, to help farm, like the californians do to clean their houses.  The risk of the law was the problem.... how was I to know they will never actually enforce it if you don't make they mad. ..............So I been trying for 14 years to make the governments temp ag program work,  a personal form of punishment.   So check out the article on fixing the H2A program for agriculture.  The big money out west starts buying farm land to show us how to feed the world and save the planet..... and Congress decides to fix one of the most broken programs we all have.  They haven't cared for decades, but when the rich donors  decide to farm here we go.   

I think it takes a good atitude to produce at our best.  I dont think the price of beans is going to help enough this time.

Maybe the divide just grows.

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Re: Beans beans the musical fruit

cheapo,      I agree ....... the last 3-4 years we have faced big issues in some great producing areas..... drought is with us.

Wheat out west had 2-3 nice little snows between the holidays and sure helped wheat perk up.   Three days of wind this last weekend reminded us of how much we are on the edge of drought.

Who knows if these prices will be here next December...... its a long way away.

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