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Beans better find buyers into the close

Or support is breaking down. This would be the lowest close in the entire contract history. I look into the eyes of the minnow.........never mind too much effort.
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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

I prefer the eyes of the ladies.
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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

did u ever congrat Jen for Monday and beans closed up 4.25 cents??

But then again new low close and ready to make new contract lows. Grains are a slow death and trending lower.

Target dec corn 331.75-329 the sept corn contract low. It also means it can go lower

Nov beans many numbers 963, 927,911.50,910, 855


we need to see new contract lows so many more can say the lows are in AGAIN

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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

What sort of a victory is a nickel or a dime rally. Ok, congratulations on the nickel Jen and sorry if someone followed bucks advise and made money today. Whoo hoo go bulls go.
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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

Well I have a feeling

I've seen time and time again, when we
Swing too far, that things look bleek and
Gloomy, that EVERYONE knows the facts
Including the everyday residents of Chicago
we are about to make a turn.

Even Watson knows that.

I look for us to work back up. Frost damage,
Late beans, flood, drought, etc, plus we
Have a healthy appitite for beans.

Once we start a "treand in the opposite direction", it will take on a life of its own.

Did I say $18 a bu no, but I think
$1 is a maybe..

Might be a place to start....after that
We'll try to flush out thru Dec 31, knowing
People are wanting to settle things up.

Then Jan is a floppy month, then we'll
Start to wake up a little, dependind
Down south.

Corn....I just can't believe with all the data
I've seen, no record the market
Is going to need to figure out what were
Going to do next year. I am of the options
When faced with next year number, you
Plant least cost....which would be beans.

Plus, the trend effect is bound to catch,
Plus some point in time, someone will
Wake up one day, with the death corn does
Have a value.

See what happens when you grow older
and your hair falls out, you get wiser
and your ability to see thru the fog
Gets better


You become more senile and delusional

Time will tell which
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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

You bear guys love to attack me for some reason.  Apparently, you missed this:



Re: Bean Damage Information



With the above being said, I don't think push up here of any size right now can be expected. I do agree with most, that we probably have more down side to deal with. Obviously, the down side objectives of this market have not been met, but the frost event is probably enough to hold here, until more is know about what the loss was. Right now, it's all speculation. But we were trading at record crops for corn and beans. Many people have said all year that the beans didn't look good, and were behind. This frost certainly didn't add bushels.

I guess it's easier to knock someone when you don't read their posts.  Once again, the bear poop is on you guys.  And, VR, I'm still waiting for the appology to those that followed your "big brain" advice.  I don't know, but myself, I don't see that big gap down.  Looks to me like Monday finished up with and outside trading day higher - quite the opposite of a BIG GAP DOWN that the "Genius" foretold of with his inside knowledge of the workings of the world.  
Once again, you lose....I'm having fish for dinner.....


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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

Jen, at times like these I can only imagine a picture of buck in a football stadium,


pointing and saying "scoreboard".........


beans are $3 and change off the May 22 high


I wish you well and appreciate your weather comments

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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

Yes Ray........and it's the first time he's been able to point at the scoreboard in 5 or 6 years.   Let me be the first to pat him on the back.  Wait, I think he's already done that himself.   Smiley Wink

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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

you bear guys lol


As a broker 85% of my clients are farmers/producers. I have resposiblity to DO MY JOB. I never said 2 months ago put it in the bin and lock it up. Farmers have market tools to use futures and options to protect even a small percentage if they want of production. You do or you dont. BUT if you can't read a chart, see a bear trend or need marketing advice, talk to a broker.  The bottom line is you make the decisions not the broker or letter writors.


Maybe read my weekend grain comments. Short and right to the point and its free. Just real information and you use it as you see.


12.8 corn crop PEAK CORN omg 


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Re: Beans better find buyers into the close

I must really be a threat to you broker guys, as you keep bringing me up and keep saying what I haven't said.  You guys are really good at that.  What your also good at, is trying to convince a farmer that the sky is falling when prices are low, and getting them to sell at a loss.  If a farmer hasn't sold by now, telling them the woulda. shoulda, coulda line now is is a waste of your time.  Why do you think that so many farmers haven't sold at this point?  It's because that year (1) after year (2) after year (3) after year (4) after year (5) after year (6) after year (7) you guys were wrong, and selling the crop in the summer netted them a net loss, as they watched the prices the next summer, when you guys had wrung most of the crop out of our nations farmers, climb to new highs.  Most of the nations farmers were comfortable without a sale this summer, and I don't blame them.  And, I think most of them really don't care now if the price goes down more.  Most, I suspect, are saying, "Good!  There's nothing better for low prices than low prices."  


I said "Bin It" last fall when the price went below the cost of production, and I'm saying "Bin It" now that the price has again gone below the price of production.  I don't really believe that I said that 2 months ago.  And, I think that given farmers haven't sold, they didn't have to.  Cap - you're a broker.  You make money by people buying and selling.  I understand why you don't like what I say on here.  And I don't need to say again where I stand on the futures machine.  Most everybody on here knows my stand.  It's easier to bin and walk away for a while than it is to sell it, buy it back on paper and watch time erode your money in the account just as bad as if you were paying storage - maybe worse.  Then there's the mental game that you need to deal with, which is the worse part of all.  The crop in the bin if you're long is no big deal.  You don't look at a futures statement or have to make margin calls if you're wrong.  It just sits there.  When you're ready to sell it - you sell it.  Done.  No broker fees, sell it to where you want.  No futures headaches, much less stress = less heart disease.  You don't have to deal with the IRS when they say that what you did was "gambling".


I don't think people on here are against bears.  I think they're against someone who comes bulling their way onto the site, saying they are the ultimate genius, when most on this site has no clue who they are.  You come here from another site, it's like starting a new job - and guess what, you're probably not going to be the chairman of the board when you walk in.  I don't care what predictions they made or didn't make on the other board.  On here, they stand by what they say here when they come in.  And right now, VR looks to me like he's having a losing season.  VR wasn't traded to us, he was fired.  His credentials, if he had any, are gone.  It's the mail room for you buddy - get used to paper cuts.


If you don't like what I write, any you think it's too long, well, guess what?  "It's just the way I roll."  If you don't like what I write, don't read it.  But don't misquote what I said to perpetuate your own adjenda.  I'm not afraid to say that I made a mistake.  And I'll readily admit it.   I'm human, probably not a genius, but, then, I haven't been tested.   I readily admit what my credentials are, and aren't.  What it is, it is.





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