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Beans in the teens boyz

When is enough enough?


I'm going to florida for week and ponder the wisdom of all this. Do you suppose girls gone wild will show up on the gulf coast near pensicola?  Hmm. I just had my cataracts removed last fall.

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Re: Beans in the teens boyz

...Krafty, you must be the person to ask since you were farsighted enough to get your cataracts removed before making a trip to Florida for Spring Break!!!!


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tree fmr

Re: Beans in the teens boyz

I was in an establishment in Honolulu a few years ago when the film crew showed up.  Let's just say A LOT is cut before the CD is burned.  Smiley Surprised

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Re: Beans in the twenty's is more current

nutrient value and relative currency value now times.


Might take all year, but 012 has over a 50% chance of being the time that those supposed good ole teens Leave the building so to speak for good.

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