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I am sure there are some good beans out there some place. USDA says there are

However, my reading, and I stress "reading, crop tour reports etc" because I haven't seen them personally

Seems like a lot of the bean acres are struggling a bit, or maybe more than corn acres

Beans have that yellow look and seem to be stunted in growth

Does anybody have experience with beans that got off to a bad start, or got rain like happened this yr.

 then end up with average to better than average, when harvested, if the weather gets better

Any time my beans look crappy, at the beginning, they never seem to snap out of it and yield

Won't happen on our farm

Poor beans on wet or cold soil, such as get a stunted look to them, stay poor all yr. on our farm, no matter what happens later

The beans that get saved "here" in Aug. are the beans that suffer dry weather, not wet or cold and yellow and stunted

Do you have experience with rain and then dry out with good yields

Some good weather and the beans suddenly surprise us

Like I said, not on our farm, but your farm is different

Can weather change and most/many of the beans yield better?? than what they look now

Are we looking at poor yields on a large acreage or could many of those acres be a surprise, and yield better than they look now 

I am sure many would like to know the weather, but how your beans re-act to what ever weather we get, may give us a idea of what to expect, for most acres, as the clock ticks onward

Hope you get the drift of my question 

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Re: Beans

On our farm we never,never have had a good bean crop when they were hurt by wet conditions early in the growth stage  , like you some of our best beans have been after they were stressed  by dry weather and then get precip. in fact if we do not get stress on them we will stress them with cobra to increase the blooms

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Re: Beans

Phytophera, brown stem rot,suden death, white mold.
Nuff said
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