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Big crops get bigger.........

......small crops get smaller.

I'm definitely not a market advisor.  However, my current advice would be...........

Don't stand in front of the marketing train.

What are your thoughts?

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Re: Big crops get bigger.........

Grow it, bin it, sell it.

Quite a few in real trouble in the first part of that little saying.

Maybe their marketing guru will chip in to make up the deficiency of selling it before you plant it?

Last rain here was July 27

The corn on my place is hurt worse from to wet early and the DNR' s herd of white tailed rats. 

The beans NEED A RAIN today. Day before yesterday would have been better.

They are going to limp across the finish line at less than their potential of even a week ago. 49°  this morning is giving them time to scavenge a little more moisture from down deep .

I'm thinking the best marketing plan this year is an old saying "patience grasshopper".

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BA Deere
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Re: Big crops get bigger.........

I`m maybe a little off in the years, here but basically 2009-2013 don`t sell early.  2014-2019 market your new crop APH in January before first half of rent due 🙂   

2020 seems to be a turning of the worm (all subject to quickly changing though) where we might go into a period of buyers/traders being a little too tight to bid early to justify the farmer`s risk.  And they will require having to pay up to get the farmer to drag the cutting torch cart up to the welded shut bins....hope so. 

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Re: & small crops get smaller.

  I was really counting on getting some significant rain from one of those hurricanes but all we got was three days of repeated waves of wind, thunder & lightning, threatening clouds, and only 0.6 of rain.  I have some half-decent beans with pods but without some serious moisture, they'll never fill.  My corn is "what it is", a mediocre crop that's ripening too fast.  The stalks and leaves are green but the ear husks are already turned brown.  

  Below is the week-old drought monitor, you may be correct, there may be a big crop out there someplace but not here and from the looks of the map not so much in wide strip across much of the corn belt.

I'll be interested to see what it shows next week for this past week's weather.  

Sorry, somehow the drought map didn't make it in the post the first time.

drought map 8-27-2020.png
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Re: & small crops get smaller.

Maybe a more important point or lesson that people that are not involved in the actual production of the crops, and are only involved in the buying and selling of 🧻 is, just because some report early in the growing season says that we have a good crop let alone a record crop all but in the bin doesn’t make it so.  

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Re: & small crops get smaller.

I'm in that white area where the Missouri river becomes the border between SD & NE. 108-day corn planted May 15 is 169 GDU's from maturity. Last year that same number on the opposite field in the same quarter was 18% moisture at Thanksgiving.  Even here, the husks are starting to turn, even though the stalks are still green to the ground. We're the ones with the luck of the Irish this year... (As he knocks wood to ward off a hail storm). Beans are withering rather than turning yellow though from the heat of the last week. I'm predicting a little above average corn, and average to below average beans here.