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Big story missed in the wheat

I am one of those cranky people that is still awaiting the crop insurance adjuster to arrive.


I was told the reason why......they are swamped......with all kinds of loss.......the one causing the company headache, and

something i did not hear........mycotoxins in the wheat......a significant amount i am told can not be used for normal things.

agents and elevators have been getting letters from the usda, and there is a push on to test EVERYTHING AND EVERY



this from what i'm told is from texas north...


i asked when could i expect to get some was unknown......maybe a month or longer, they were working

on texas stuff just now !!!!!!


why wasn't this reported ????


this is a significant story, why wasn't there ongoing coverage ?


something about the ag media, they want to show the good side of everything......we always see pictures of  good crops,

people setting atop new tractors, and frame quality photo's of cattle in a pasture with the sun setting.


we (they) want to show how good agriculture is, how we are happy out we are all big operators, nice new

homes, new pickups, tractors and combines........and how we just stand around in our shops visiting with the seed

sales, and implement dealers salesman, and how we are always smiling.


maybe if we would show the real side, maybe some attitudes would change.


i need a new jar of spinkles, finished off the last one last night.


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Re: Big story missed in the wheat

How about us spring wheant producers being docked right now 12 cents a fifth down to 12 protein wheat for 1.20 bushel. Plus we have had negative basis for most part of the year of 60. cents or more where usually looking o to negative 15 to 20. Also we had dock on protein as much as 1.00 per bushel per point of protein. This on 60 + test weight, less than 1% damage, 1% dock, high falling numbers and good color to for the wheat. Also they are only paying 5 cents a fifth over 14 protein up to 15 protein what rigged market if government wanted to they find this market  is run by few parties setting the price its monopoly and it is insiders game setting  wheat prices. We can't survive if this continues with us getting 3.50 to 4.00 a bushel with these high costs for inputs and equipment to farm even if you own your land you farm because price is below cost to produce it.

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Re: Big story missed in the wheat

"the markets are always right " (depending on which side of the market you are on) gee fellows thats really bad. Here i've been crying in my fruit loops with some small docks. why don't someone light a fire under farm bureaus rear end, and get some moneys worth out of our dues. Where is the AAM when you need them..
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Re: Big story missed in the wheat

A few years ago in the SURE program farmers with low pro could be compensated a dollar a bushel at the FSA office.
Call your US legislators and tell them how bad this is! I had a $7.70 contract for spring wheat in 2014 and ended up at $4.88 by rhe time they were thru discounting and it was 64 lb wheat! Now the same wheat is $3.20! Harvested some winter wheat and took it in and it had 12.6 protien the elevator called me and said sorry we dont pay extra for high protein in winter wheat we only discount!! What a racket!! Its legal stealing!!
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