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Bill Gates and Harvard Have Decided Your Crops Don't Need Sunshine, CO2, or Warmth to Grow

Harvard is proceeding with its experiment, with Bill Gate's funding, to spray particles into the atmosphere to "dim" the sun by mimicking volcanic explosions. 

Eruption column of volcanic ash and gas rising above Mount Pinatubo on June 12, 1991


Of course, you'll never hear MSM talking about the multiple natural volcanic explosions that have already occurred this year, including the Ulawun volcanic explosion to 63,000 feet on June 26, 2019.

So if ya think $7 a bushel and $12 a bushel are good, just wait until they "dim" the sun.

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Re: Complain now but in .....

You can complain now but in another few years, you'll be begging them to dim the sun.

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Re: Bill Gates and Harvard Have Decided Your Crops Don't Need Sunshine, CO2, or Warmth to Grow

There`s corn that hasn`t tasseled or just tasseling that`s a coin flip if it`ll make grain.  When you ask what are they gonna do?  The reply is one word "silage" but I don`t think the operator of the field has silage in mind as they forward contracted the APH at $3.70 ...won`t go broke selling for a profit ya know.   Thing is, even with the holes in this crop, perhaps $3.70 will be a good fall price, they can buy corn to fill contracts and make money on that end of things.  Smiley Happy

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IF the weather

Can be controlled,  theoretically SO can the cost of food. 

There's some that think the USA govt has operatives that have been controlling or trying to control weather since bout 1980 more or less. 

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Re: IF the weather

  -  $115   fats    -  $13.95  ribeye's  in   San Antonio  at  heb  grocery  shopping  center&  5.99  ''  prime  hamburger '' -  -  -

What's  con-troll   is   there   to   figure  out  -  ?    

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Re: IF the weather

In about 1978 a large magnet was transported across Iowa to Alaska for the HAARP project.  There was concern about busting up roads, the magnet was so heavy.  The HAARP project is reported to be a weather modification exercise. I don`t know, but what is strange is the jet stream has extreme dips and ridges in the past 40 years.  The jet stream doesn`t flow straight west to east as it did when I was a kid.  Those ridges seem to pull Gulf moisture into the midwest and dump heavy rains. 

Like I say, I don`t know but just think for a moment the weather is modified and to explain it away we`re fed this "climate change" baloney when here it is directly "man made" climate change by manipulating the jet stream on purpose.

The screwy way the jet stream acts might not be caused by light bulbs, combustible engines and hair spray but rather "the wizard of Oz" turning knobs and pulling levers directing the jet stream.

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