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Bkadds--- 2012 marketing is over.

We are officially out of the 2012 market if you got your fill.  My price hit this week as well.


We can't expect too many years like that one.  But lets try it again----- bring on 2013.

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Re: Bkadds

2008 corn avg.  -------------- 3.92

2009---------------------------- 4.06

2010 ---------------------------- 4.70

2011 ---------------------------   5.63

2012 ---------------------------  7.15


I wish our production numbers had the same improvement as the average sale prices. 


Were these improvements in price or a reflection of the ever decreasing value of the $.


If prices were indexed to the dollar value ----- did they really go up??

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Re: Bkadds

You must've been listening to Utterback, Brock, or Gold those first four years.............Smiley Wink



Of course, I'm just kidding here.......Your numbers are probably much like most everyone else's........

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Re: Bkadds--- 2012 marketing is over.

Yes sw, I am out of old crop corn market. Been a bumpy ride and, yes, I could have sold all at harvest and.... However, I still turned out a pretty good average. July may still rally, but I had a target and got it. Historically high basis helped too. Hope we can make another run this year. Conditions are not being reflected in the market, in my opinion. Time will tell if being a slug pays again!