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Brazil & Argentina conditions

Another weather market coming sooner than we think ?




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imagine that..........

imagine that..........


the experts are late to the party again...........ROTFLMFAO..........


and to quote myself........


"SA maybe isnt the golden child the bean counters thought.........."


I really think its time I take this road show to Vegas..........

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Re: imagine that..........

Re: Floor Talk January 2

In South America, the crop’s planting is almost complete. Yield will

likely be within expectations in Brazil, since the climate in the producing

regions has favored the development of plants. In Argentina,

the initial planting delay was decreased during recent days, and it is

believed that the losses caused by excessive rains may be offset by

acreage increase in drier regions.



Soybean planting advances to the final stretch

in Argentina after the rains gave truce, advancing

by 80.1% of the planned area for cultivation

of the grain. The Cereales Stock Exchange predicts

a loss of 3% in the initially estimated

acreage, due to flooding in the early planting.

For the first week of 2013, climate forecast is

the occurrence of abundant precipitation in

some soybean producing regions, including

central and northern Buenos Aires and Santa


This from FC Stone's Jan 2 report


Re: Floor Talk January 2


........and have you looked at th SA Drought Monitor via World Drought Map, particularly 3 and 6 month timeframes? 

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Re: 2013: What's Your Question?

Mike, while i don't know the precise areas of SA which are planted in corn/beans, a look at the world drought monitor in the 3 and 6 month timeframe in SA shows MOST areas in what the U.S. considers D2-D4 Drought. click on link below, then you can zoom in to SA.



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