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Brazil planting? It is actually harvesting

Hello guys,


Everyone who has followed the news recently knows that Brazil is about to start planting of soybeans in this September. But what is not know by everybody is that in some far north states like Roraima and Amapá, recent agricultural frontiers, is the harvest is that starting, like the United States. Both states are located in the Northern Hemisphere, so they have the same planting season of North America.


Yesterday, I exchanged a few messages with Aluizio Nascimento da Silva, a farmer from Roraima, where 60% of the planted soybean surface was harvested. Roraima expects to have a volume 100,000 metric tons of the oilseed this season, while the volume collected of corn would be 28,0000 tons. The state used to export to Venezuela, but with payment issues, most of the crop is negotiated with a trading company from Russia.The soybean surface is 74,131 acres, while corn acres are 24,710. The nearest ports are Manaus and Itacotiara, both in the neighboring state of Amazonas. From 2016, there was a growth of 64% of the corn surface and soybeans grew 30%.


Silva's yields are within the average of 49 bushels per acre of the previous years. Here are the a few photos that he has shared with us:




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BA Deere
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Re: Brazil planting? It is actually harvesting

Thanks for the update Luis.  My furthest along beans are a few weeks away.



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Re: Brazil planting? It is actually harvesting

BA - nice looking beans  -   seems there are some interesting features in the  S A  photo's from Luis along with moisture test ---

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