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Brazil's recession now takes a hard hit on small farmers

For the third year in a row, Brazil does not have economic growth. And yet this is second year with a drop of over four percentage points of the GDP. Earlier in this recession, a lot of analysts have underestimated the problem that eventually would come for farmers. But now there isn't virtually any credit for investment and a wave of rural exodus is about to come. The reason is that the high prices of corn domestically have made the business of aviculture and pig farming not viable for the small farmers that do not produce corn in thei own field. The recession was so strong that it has reduced the consumption of pork and poultry, and exports of those product are nto that significant.


I visited about two weeks ago some hog farmers in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul and all of them were decided to leave the business.


What would you say on that?

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Re: Brazil's recession now takes a hard hit on small farmers

I'm afraid if things don't turn around here in the ole USA that there might be a few that will end up out of business too.  Some probably voluntarily and others not so much.

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