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Bull spreads anyone?


July 13 corn versus dec 13 corn $6.78 vs $5.32   or $1.46


July 14 corn versus dec 14 corn $5.29 vs $5.32   or - $.03



July 13 beans versus Nov !3 beans    $14.41 vs 12.50   or $ 1.81


July 14 beans versus  Nov 14 beans   $12.65 VS 12.34  or $ .31


What do you think are the odds of a big widening of the spreads on 2014 crops both corn and beans from the july month to the fall month?

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Re: Bull spreads anyone?

Corn very low odds if we have a 2 billion bu carryover. Informa today has a 160bu/a nat average if it comes to be corn will go to fulll carry. Soys who knows depends on Aug wether here in the US then SAM's crop next winter. Soys odds could be 50/50. IMO contrary to what most people have saying this late planting of soys could really bite soy yields in the but.

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