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Sorry folks for the language....


It is what all of us are thinking

And saying in private.

I am just stunned by this report.

We have a huge number of acres

Not planted....stuff that was 

Planted, was by and large, late,

Factor in problems with fertilizer

And chemicals.

I dont understand it.

I am at a loss for words

((and if you know ole cheapie...thats rare !!))

Just remember who's administration is saying

This !!!! Smiley Wink


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Re: Bull*****

Majority of the people were hired in the Clinton and Obama time frame....

Deep state????

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Re: Not to get political but....

  Not to get political but how can you imply that anything coming out of the current administration is influenced by the previous administration when there have been numerous examples of complaints by the civil service of undue political influence by this administration.

  There are just so many examples of how the upper level political appointees of this administration are exerting tightfisted control over government policy that it's impossible to believe that any influence of previous administrations remains.

  Have you already forgotten the abuse of the Small Refinery Exemptions.  The administration just announced yesterday that for 2018, 31 exemptions accounting for 1.045 billion gallons of ethanol RINs have been granted.  And they haven't even started talking about 2019, yet.

  Now I don't know of any event or current situation which qualifies as "a small refinery may be granted a temporary exemption from its annual Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) if it can demonstrate that compliance with the RVOs would cause the refinery to suffer disproportionate economic hardship", certainly not year after year after year as is the current case.  Between 2013 & 2014, the previous administration granted exemptions equivalent to 690 million gallons, for the period 2016 to 2018, this administration has granted exemptions equivalent to 4.04 billion gallons or about 1.5 billion bushel of corn. 

If you want to know what's affecting the price of corn, you don't have to look any further.  Gasoline producers are more than willing to buy & blend cheap ethanol if the price  is radically advantageous to them but not otherwise.

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Re: Not to get political but....

Trump single handily appointed Sunny Purdue.  Everyone else is just an employee.  The fact that after two years you would even suggest the previous administration is embarrassing.  It’s all about the Benjamin’s with this president.  It always has been. most were warned most knew this.  At this point I don’t blame this president he’s always been this way.  It’s the uneducated voters that support him that are the issue.  In my lifetime ever time there’s been a republican in office we (farmers) get hurt.  Then it usually takes 6-8 years for a democratic president to fix it.  Early 2000’s I remember talking with the family thinking because of the administration how could this possibly get any worse? Bush was a huge embarrassment.  Now I know it can be far worse, hire a failed business man with an ego and a plethora of horrible values to completely upend what America was. Great!. 

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Re: Everyone at USDA "just an employee" hardly.

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BA Deere
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Re: Not to get political but....

Well, let`s be honest, the 5 years between 2009-2014 were the only "good" years in recent farming, financially speaking...every year farming is a good year generally.   The reason farming was good `09-`14 was Ethanol and the 2012 drought kept a lid on production.  $150 oil, $2,000 gold, $8 corn, $13 beans $165 fat cattle, gas was $4 but we had the money to buy it.  

I think basically George W Bush went all in on ethanol and it paid a lot of dividends to farmers.  The commodity funds that were afraid Obama would spend a lot (he doubled the national debt, but the smoke and mirror crowd tell me he didn`t spend much) Thing was, Obama spending didn`t make it to main street, Obama spending make it to Wall Street, so you had record Dow and no inflation...except on tractors, combines and seed corn and fertilizer $900 potash ouch!  But $5 t-shirts at Wallmart made in Bangladesh. 

In Washington, those bureaucrats have lifetime jobs, they have personal political views but work for different administrations .  It is quite possible that Mike Espy or Dan Glickman  hired USDA workers want to now stick it to the deplorable farmers that voted for "45 the current occupant". 

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