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Bunge's latest poll

December 2014 Corn Price
What is your guess for price range of December 2014 Corn Futures in the next few months during the 2014 spring planting season?
16 percent 48.5714285714 percent 20.2857142857 percent 7.42857142857 percent 7.71428571429 percent
16% 49% 20% 7% 7%
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Vote Legend
1) Below $4.00/bushel 56
2) Between $4.00 - $4.50 170
3) Between $4.50 $4.75 71
4) Between $4.75 - $5.00 26
5) Over $5.00/bushel 27
Total Votes: 350
Results current as of:
10-Feb-14 06:20 AM
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Beating the traders at the CBOT would be like beating this guy at a game of pool

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2014 Iowa Power Farming Show Planting Intentions Survey

On the attached document, you will find the press release for the survey data. The survey results point to 13.3 million acres of corn in Iowa, which is 300,000  less than last year, and 10.3 million acres of beans in Iowa, which is up 10.8% or 1 Million acres from last year. Our U.S. acreage number for corn is at 93.150 million acres, and 81.750 million acres of soybeans.


We also included a Midwest map of 2013 Prevent Plant Acres showing where the 8.3 mln acres of prevent planted acreage was located. A large portion of these acres are expected to come back into production for 2014 with a normal spring.


Once again, thanks for participating. We hope you find the data valuable in your farming operation. Hope to see you next year at the show!


2013 Prevent Planted Acres

(in 1,000 acres)

2,811 ND

187 SD

15   Ne

56   Ks

903 Mn

727 Ia

377 Mo

370 Ill

370 Wis

38   In

100 Mi

39   Oh

Source: FSA Jan 1, 2014

Total US Prevent 




2014 Iowa Power Farming Show Planting Intentions Survey

The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association, (I-NEDA) in conjunction with AgriSource, Inc. conducted an acreage

survey during the Iowa Power Farming Show held January 28th to January 30th, 2014 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Strong crowds turned out once again for the third largest indoor farm show in the U.S. A crowd of 26,547 attended the 59th

annual show. Approximately 2,000 surveys with over 2 million corn and soybean acres were analyzed from Iowa, Missouri,

Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Nebraska.

Additionally, AgriSource conducted an online acreage survey during the last week of January and the first week of February

with its Midwest customer base. These acreage estimates are also incorporated in the table below. The estimates are as of

February 3rd and are subject to change as market conditions have changed since the survey was taken.

State 2013 USDA

Planted Corn                        

(Mln Acre)



Planted Corn

(Mln Acre)


Change % Acreage Change

Est. (Mln Acre)

Iowa 13,600 13,300 -300 -2.2%

US Total 95,365 93,150 -2,215 -1.8%

State 2013 USDA

Planted Soybean

(Mln Acres)

2014 AgriSource

Planted Soybean

(Mln Acre)



% Acreage Change

Est. (Mln Acre)

Iowa 9,300 10,300 + 1,000 +10.8%

US Total 76,533 81,750 +5,217 +6.8%






Keith Gehling of AgriSource said, “We are surprised at the significant 11% shift in more soybean acres in Iowa. The

disappointing corn yields in parts of Iowa in 2012 and 2013, as well as the large price decline in corn is obviously shifting

intentions to more soybeans in 2014. The Iowa and US acreage numbers are still a moving target, though. The 8.3 mln acres of

prevented plantings in 2013 across the US will most likely be planted this year with a normal spring. In 2013, 727,000 acres

went unplanted in Iowa, and 902,000 acres in Minnesota were prevented plantings. It is quite possible that we could end up

seeing both higher corn and bean acres in some states this year”

“This is the seventh year that we have worked with the I-NEDA on the Iowa Power Farming Show acreage survey,” Gehling

added. “The sample size on the Iowa survey is roughly 6% of the 23 million corn and soybean acres planted in the state.

Nearly half of the respondents indicated they are very confident of their planting intentions, compared to 75% in last year’s

survey. That tells us that we have some producers who might wait till March or April to see how the markets and rainfall play

out in the next 60 days to decide what to plant. ” Gehling also noted that their customer survey results are showing some

producers that have been 100% corn for several years making a shift to almost all soybeans in 2014. He said some producers

have mentioned getting back into a traditional 50/50 rotation to help with some of the rootworm issues in corn.

The survey also asked at what price the producer would consider planting more corn acres. Gehling said, “The majority of

respondents answered that they will consider planting additional corn acres if December 2014 corn rallied to $5.50, while just

5% said at $5.00 Dec 2014 corn futures they will consider planting more corn.”

Tom Junge, Iowa Power Farming Show director stated, “I appreciate the time that the producers took to complete the survey.

We hope this information will assist producers in making better decisions in marketing their products and planning for the


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