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But hey, the calendar changed........

........but the rain did not.  After a couple of smaller rains and a couple of days of no rain, some guys were just getting started with some field work in June.  However last night I received 1.4 - 3.2 " of rain over all of my farms. Some spots to the east of me received up to 6".   It looks like our planting window is almost completely closed.  

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Re: But hey, the calendar changed........

Where do you live?  ALL of our levees up and down rivers and creeks all through Missouri are breached with most all of them blown out.  400 roads closed in Missouri this morning.  I have 1,550 acres with  anywhere from 0-8 ft of water over it.  It will be days and even weeks before we can even get out there to assess damages on most of these fields.  Looks like my acres are cut 75% without more rain.  Leaves me 600 acres of hills to farm.  Lost 420 acres planted corn of our planted 515 total.  Going to be a small harvest.  Some guys here desperately trying to work ground on hills but it’s MUUUDDY!

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