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Buy ag stocks?

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On the tail of today's USDA reports, shares of ag companies climbed on several fronts, particularly with those related corn.


Investors are seeing opportunities in seed, fertilizer and farm-equipment stocks, according to a Dow Jones story (click here).


In early afternoon trading, Deere & Co. was up 2.4%, fertilizer manufacturer CF Industries Holdings soared 4.2%, and Monsanto had risen by 2.5%.


What ag stocks do you think got the biggest boost today? Stock tips anyone?




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Re: Buy ag stocks?

Too late for the ag stocks and they are correlated to our livelihood anyway.   I am starting to think that Tokyo Electric Power company (tkecf on pink sheets) is getting cheap enough to be a gutsy buy.  It is a utility stock so it should have some guaranteed cash flow but will the Japanese government nationalize it.  Obviously down big since the tsunami.  

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Re: Buy ag stocks?

   It's not good to have too many eggs in 1 basket.

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Re: Buy ag stocks?

Perhaps buying fertilizer and oil stocks could be thought of as a hedge against rising production costs.