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Re: C`mon Beans!

Not all of Iowa is a disaster (not yet anyway)

Early planted beans are turning and lots of pods.

Most corn is showing nice ears from the road and have white


Beans delivered tomorrow morning can be spotted out for $9.26

In Des Moines. 

Buyer said they were actually busy buying beans as new crop

same bid.

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BA Deere
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Re: C`mon Beans!

I have never seen better crops in Wisconsin (I haven`t been all over the state though) those 50 acre irregular fields with a center pivot look like they`ve sat all summer, if they did run, you can`t tell the corners from the rest of the field, the beans are tight covering 30" rows, waist high and dark green up & down the hills.  Wisconsin is going to knock it out of the park this year.

I would say Minnesota crops south of I-90 are abnormally dry and drier as you get into Iowa.  The highway 14 corridor has had plenty rain, one Medford farmer remarked a couple weeks ago "I wish it`d quit raining so I could finish haying".  By Adams Minnesota they`re ready to chop silage probably today, Iowa Falls they probably missed their window and have to put a sprinkler on the pile.  Dairies around Goodhue Minnesota "ahh we`ll wait until after Labor Day..take the jet skis out to Red Wing" .   A lot more beach property on the ol Mississippi these days. 

We got a 1/4" of rain yesterday morning, places in Minnesota got 1"...places that wanted it to quit raining to finish their 4th cutting   Smiley Happy

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