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C team august 25th

The sky is falling, and your all screwed.

Anyways I see marketeye and Ecin took the day off... So yeah, that's the market recap lol
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Re: C team august 25th

A little more in depth than we are used to.


Sumed it up well.



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Re: C team august 25th




By Raymond Jenkins


Some areas of the state have picked up rainfall more akin to what we might see in a tropical rainforest. At my home in Melcher, we received 2.5+ inches on Saturday morning, and it came in just a couple of hours, which instantly put us on “basement alert” since the fiasco of spring 2013 when that area of our home flooded. We made some major changes that appear to have solved the issues, but always get nervous when the heavy rains arrive!


With many areas, including some dry ones, picking up moisture over the weekend, it was not surprise the path of least resistance for corn and bean futures today were to the lower side. The surprise, if there was one, concerned the September soybean contract, which had a 67 cent trading range and closed down 42 cents on the day.


The next order of business is figuring out if our late summer heat spell is going to increase the pace at which the corn crop matures and gets ready for harvest.


I am pegging the week of September 14 for seeing corn harvest start to happen in the local area from our traditional “early harvest” folks.


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