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C team watchin out--for resolutions???

Market are holding their gains from yesterday very well this morning.

Overnite was uneventfull,  except for a few sharp turns there about 2am cdt, when the snow melt seemed to fall off the roof causing sudden panic but markets stablized and held their own.  The sleepy traders seemed to regain stability the rest of the session and maintained the upward "tone"--------not enjoyed by all in the trading pit.  But on the supply side of the bed----well we were comfortable with the session.

C team thinks we can hold these gains for 2-3 more days then it's anybody's guess---big sales will happen and buys to match-----holiday spending will have to be rectified.     Beans will head east and corn will come west.  Major shifts for early 2012.


Can we hold the gains and go higher in 2012 -----we will leave that back to the A &  B teams boys----------and be satisfied if we can just  hold these markets steady on our three day watch.  





Anybody making any resolutions while eatin your way through chores, games, and leftovers, or God forbid, a day off--------thats a challenge,  with humor or dignity in tact----------What u wanna change in 2012????


I am gonna try to appreciate my trading partner more-------------while I still got her here with me.


Thanks for the space, Jeff.





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