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CME Group expanded hours -- does it matter to you?

Just saw a short story on our news wire this morning about the CME Group's expanding trading hours and how they see it as a "defense mechanism" so they don't lose business to other trades. Here's the full story.


I know Marketeye has probably touched on this before, but is this the kind of thing that will matter much to you and how you conduct business on the board? 

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Re: CME Group expanded hours -- does it matter to you?



I understand that the trading will be halted when a USDA report is going to be released and as a matter of fact my son and I saw the movie "TRADING PLACES" last night.  In one scene The Secretary of Agriculture appears on a  TV on the trading floor and all trading stops.  The Secretary reads the report and trading begins again.  My son asked me if that is what truly happens and I told him that was just to make the movie more interesting...........but this thing might be coming to a commodity screen near you.