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CORN -needing some more big sales

Corn, big drop in 5 days. Early big crop underway, the market finally reflected it.

Early harvest? What say thou? Why not by a week or 2. Might that portend an early seasonal low?


This market needs, some big export news fast otherwise   ,,,,,,.



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Re: CORN -needing some more big sales

Hey arty I think this year watching the demand may be the wrong horse I think watch the supply!  I am not in the camp of a big crop this year. Of course it is early and lots can happen.  I will just say my first cutting hay while good is no silo buster. It is off easy 10% from last year.  and only 4 days earlier.  So while this growing season has a long way to go and potential to catch up I don't think we break any records. and once those longs here smaller crop than expected won't they add to thier positions?  As to bankers creating this whole thing I think it is an exclusive group mostly the Fed bank. JR

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