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CRP could be thee perfect Midwest

crop choice. 

The govt wants more CRP,  CREP,  CSP acres. 

And they're paying 85% of county rental rates. 

And You also get to hay and graze it too. 

Also there's the SHIPP CRP Soil Health and Income Protection Program. 

Midwest cattle and grazing ranches pay well using thee a afore. 





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Re: Cattle farmers shouldn't be allowed to ....

Cattle farmers shouldn't be allowed to either graze or hay CRP land at any point during the year.  That's just double-dipping.  If landowners want to get CRP payments, they should be satisfied with what they get.

  It's just not fair to hay and crop farmers.  And it's unfair competition for cattle farmers in regions of the country that can't do it.  The practice of releasing CRP to emergency grazing got started during drought years and now the ranchers expect it every year, drought or not.  It was never intended to be an every-year thing.

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All farmers are double

Dipping for more and more govt money. 

That's just the nature of having so many and various govt programs in the USA.

Keep in mind,  double dipping Uncle for more and more program's  money is not just farmers.

In the USA  it's basically Everyone.   Rich to poor.


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Re: CRP could be thee perfect Midwest

I remember that Dad had ground enrolled in the old Soil Bank Program, which I think was voluntary and multi-year.  Ours was all established in fescue.  Also, recall that we were able to bale the hay off it, if not every year, then most years.  Always baled it late in the season, so there might have been an Aug 1 "release" date or something.  After the Soil Bank Program, I recall another Set Aside Program that I think was required to qualify for the old USDA deficiency payments -- I remember FSA checking those acres kind of closely, and we had to destroy any planted crop that exceeded the allowable acres, yet also recall that we used the Set Aside to establish hay crops like clover and maybe alfalfa.  Annual Set Aside might have continued all the way up until when CRP first got started, though I'm fuzzy on some of what was available between 1975 and 1995, left for college and office life, wasn't farming then.

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Re: So, what you're saying is, "everybody does it"?

Reminds me of a children's book I used to read to my children, "What if everybody did that".  What if everybody tracked mud in on the rug?

 So your excuse is "everybody does it"?  Come-0n now, you're better than that.

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Subsidize the

@rickgthf wrote:

Reminds me of a children's book I used to read to my children, "What if everybody did that".  What if everybody tracked mud in on the rug?

 So your excuse is "everybody does it"?  Come-0n now, you're better than that.

Subsidize Agri for food production and processing All the way around 

Subsidize the consumers to help them buy / consume the food. 

Mandate Ethanol to use corn sorghum.,  biodiesel to use some pillows crops too. 

The afore happens to be what everyone voted in as thee Best ideas for the USA. 

Can't say as I care what it all costs the govt. 

The alternatives are Truly rather sparse. 

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Re: Subsidize the

Thanks Rick,    Now you are saying let the sw burn for all I care.

That is our social disease....... we want programs that each one of us can control in order to limit our neighbors.  Point our fingers and declare right and wrong.  And if we have good crops let the other guy fail.

Some of us ask for government to oversee agriculture... check the scales, set standards, guarantee I get a bird when I hunt(and naturally "make the ___ farmer let me hunt")(guide me, give me a map, feed me, and smile when I take a picture)

But we are wrong to assume it is farmers asking..... Liberals deliver that lie regularly.   It is not true..  consumers and those who represent them and sell to them have always driven the ag. budget.  Food supply and quality have always driven the bus.  Farmers at best, ask for fairness in the marketplace--and continue to hope for that.  

I think it needs to be fought in the courts.  Congress stacks the deck against an open market by regulating marketing down to as few as possible buyers and producers.  Then step in to fix their interference in commerce with subsidies.  They have no choice we put ourselves (changed to a we not them format because we are responsible for the government we get.) We overproduce and over stimulate(to maintain a lifestyle without work) until we are economically one step from destroying production--- then subsidize to keep the house of cards standing. --- (then add social butt kissing, like not making payments to rich farmers while favoring multi billion dollar multi national corporations owned by stock holding congressmen--employing their children---- fad nutrition cons. etc etc etc)  Congress needs more "personally" accountability for what it does.  "Skirting" the law should never be a congressional privilege.

That gets us to where we are today,,,, a continual bleeding of the federal budget in a rush to kill the golden goose.    ------  It is all us voters who think we are insolated from the responsibility by easy voter registration.  (I favor the old voter registration ---- must own property and pay taxes.) 

The CRP program was a water shed moment in agriculture history(at least for me-I lost respect for usda)..... The first program sold to the voter for entertainment purposes.  Not food, not agriculture management--- public hunting, species habitat, environmental protection(the management of which by usda(interfered with by EPA)  has destroyed native grazing habitat with out of control fires for several years now)  Face the truth public voter..... most of the damage done to california forests and colorado forests is a direct result of federal micromanagement by environmental regulation from DC.

That is the problem for a once respected usda..... It lost purpose and sold out to nonsense such as an "endangered environment"----   These days we all face a virus..... (viruses(microbes) account for the vast majority of human deaths throughout history.  Far more than warfare between men or even starvation.)

This "environment" is not endangered by humans in any way..... not fragile at all.  Colorado will have trees back and pine beetles, we are learning that the environment can clean us out whenever it needs to.  But it was a good con while it lasted.  Even presidential candidates have stopped preaching that sermon.

The usda purpose until the late 1960's was food supply.  Food safety.  Service to agriculture.  Fair trade, public food supply from a congress who understood how endangered human life can be.   We can't get back to that because usda became a conduit for public theft of taxpayer funds (other peoples money) totally corrupted by the shift of food stamps to the usda budget and the guarantee of a "standard of living"....which is not food...... but is a transfer of cash using food as a shill. 

What is usda's purpose now???    Becoming the one world source of agriculture news??    I remember how many government agencies were trying hard to be a part of the CRP program.... state and national.... at the national convention that year I remember 8 different agencies and divisions presenting their case for inclusion in the management or regulation of CRP.  And the promise of not allowing private organizations influence over the program.......that lasted until a private political organization offered money ................history.

We will be back to normal in a news cycle flash.......... and we won't gain a damn thing from this "pandemic"  the deaths will be ignored ...... the truth will be unimportant.  now that we are all funded.


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Re: Subsidize the

We venture out to nearest town to go to the store once in a while to "shop" (i.e.  watch the herd stampede).

Still no butter, no eggs, no bread, no flour, no yeast to make bread, no sugar, no bottled water, rare to little meat, selling bananas singly, and you can forget cleaning or sanitizing products of any brand or any kind. 

In this land o'plenty, that's insanity.

Calling farmer down the way:  "You want to trade X for Y?"   "Yep."


Food for Thought:

Bill Gates et al, partnering with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, ran a coronavirus pandemic exercise back in October called "Event 201."  Very next month, a coronavirus pandemic begins out of the hotbed of pandemics - China.  (Notice the names involved.  Coincidence?  Is there such a thing?)

So now we got a coronavirus pandemic and everyone is depending for their info from Anthony Fauci, who co-authored a report dated March 26, 2020, re: COVID-19, appearing in New England Journal of Medicine:

If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%.  This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2"

(And people blame Trump for being misinformed? Presidents rely on their advisors for intel, and Fauci is said to be an avid Hillary Clinton devotee.)

Anyway, now multiple State gov'ts have shut down their economies, have tried to ban gun shops and alcohol, are planning on going door-to-door with their National Guard to ask how you are, they got checkpoints and "show me your papers," companies want you to volunteer your blood to test to see if your blood has coronavirus antibodies, and there is a $2 Trillion stimulus, including to some questionable recipients**. 

Europe is also a disaster and said to be covering up their banking failures under the guise of "coronavirus stimulus."

All things considered, there is something more afoot here, and all corrupt governments -- state, local, and world -- are taking pages out of their authoritarian playbooks.

Interesting thing about pandemics...historically, the years during and immediately following pandemics are very, very scarce in terms of food supply.

So I'd be planting anything and everything this year.


**Remember how JFK Center just got a $25 million gift in the Stimulus Bill?  Now they just laid off their musicians. Smiley LOL


As a side note, China's CEO currently laughing about creating faulty equipment that is then shipped to and being used in the USA in the coronavirus fight, saying they don't have to send soldiers to defeat the United States, the virus will do it for them.  And all over the world, there are reports that China's lab tests and equipment are failing.

BA Deere
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Re: Subsidize the

I don`t believe the foreign Covid reported death rates, especially from China, kind of like Stalin didn`t murder 60 million Christian Russians, they all had "unfortunate ox cart accidents".   We hear "40,000 die of the flu in the US every year, I`ve been to a lot of funerals in my 50+ years but I`ve never known anyone that passed away from the flu and in real life I ask people I meet "have you ever known anyone personally that died of the flu?" and no one so far has.  I`ve known people that have been murdered, died of car wrecks, cancer, heart attack ect but not the flu.  Not questioning the 12,000-80,000 Americans dying of the flu every year, just never personally known of one. 

There is a chance Covid will return with a vengeance this fall and no matter how big of crop 2020 is, food security will be concern as we go into 2020-2021 winter if that is the case.