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Senior Advisor

Cage free farmers

That headline cought my eye this morning....maybe
That's our problem...we are all caged !

Upon reading further, nestle...the maker of instant hot chocolate with those little dehydrated marshmallows and some other good products...announced that
By 2020 they will use all non caged eggs.

These folks crack alot of eggs !

The next step ? All their chickens and their milk
Cows can't eat gmo grain and forages ????

And remember Wally world went on public record
That they want to get out of gmo's

Ya know the preacher tells us that there is a reason for times I've thought was used in instances where there is no logical reason why something happens..

BUT...maybe in this case it might be true. If we did
Away with gmo's (but that means we can still use chemicals including roundup) chances are there
Would be less production, lower seed costs (offset by
Chem costs) and higher prices,,,,and hopefully a
Higher net profit per acre.....and the soccer moms
Will be maybe not so bad...a win win
Situation.,... So maybe someone above is looking
Out for us ??

Just thinking out loud

OK I'll stop thinking

Happy new year !