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Can they change deliver points?

cargill is closing an elevator in my area.  The other day they sent me paperwork changing the delivery point on the contracts I have with them.  Can they do that without compensating me for the extra mileage and time for me to deliver on the contracts.

My costs were calculated based on convenience and mileage to point A and now they shift delivery to point b which is harder to get to and 15 to 45 miles farther away (depending on which delivery point I or they choose)

Something is not right about this..

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Re: Can they change deliver points?

50 - CONsolidation   to   save  $$$$  is  a  trick question - statement ,  and  this  being  an example -  -  -

See  how  your  neighbors  are  handling  this  issue , or  whether  you  deliver at  all  - ?  

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