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Re: Can you top this?

Friend of mine has an old JD 6500 self propelled sprayer out of the south. That thing can get over 7' corn. Only holds 420 gallon and a 45' boom, but beats nothing when your corn(and weeds) are out growing your limitations. Pretty sure he has it sold for 12,000 to go back to cotton country, but might be worth looking into if there is no other economical way. He bought one of GVM's prowler machines and no longer had a need for it. I'm sure if you search enough, there are a lot of these old girls for sale down there.
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Re: Can you top this?

After looking at 55's corn - and you other guys out there -- just remember that spraying round up over the top - has limitations ---  if your corn is getting close to lapping the rows then you may need to spray with drops .  As a rule of thumb for my corn -- I like to still see the middles ( ground ) , as the corn laps the rows it will absorb to much round up = and it will really screw it up -- I seen a neighbor do it - the plants ( corn ) did not put on  ear .


If your corn it getting taller - you need to check with your seed dealer BEFORE you spray and get what they suggest ---  Collar size OR height  . 


From the freindly people here at Simpson Spraying Service LLC

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Tile paid a dividend today


went from dark on top to gray this afternoon. so I fired up the sprayer and got started. Only did 40 acres but it is a start. Getting way too late in the evening to be spraying glyphos.

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Re: Tile paid a dividend today

Just to let you know even the organic growers have weed trouble.

Too wet to get in and mechanically root out those pesky little things.


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