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Cannabis Market Loses Its Buzz



I pieced together a story that lays out the current price direction for the U.S. and Canadian cannabis and hemp markets. It's a story that has marketing trends for both crops and an outlook as to where these markets may be going and the likelihood of U.S. corn, soybean farmers adding one of these crops into their rotation.


Full Story:  Hemp, Not Cannabis Seen Likely For Corn Belt Farmers



What say you?





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Re: Cannabis Market Loses Its Buzz

Thanks for the article, Mike.  I favor hemp for medicine and industrial uses, but not the so-called "recreational uses".  Thing is there are so many, probably a majority of idiot families where the grandpa "used it and he`s okay"...well no he`s not, Jerry Springer show called, "dad used it and he`s okay" he`s not.  The grown kids and great grandkids are using it, no one can say anything because "grandpa used it at Woodstock and he`s okay".  This idiocy has become generational and they make Cheech & Chong jokes on the way to the voting booth, so there`s no stopping the stupid train.


But hemp for medicine and replace fiber in paper and clothes is definitely a good thing, it`s just how do we stay off the slippery slope?  Politicians love the prospects of the new source of revenue.  The carpetbaggers that got in on the ground floor will make a killing, the last one to get in on the bandwagon will lose his hemp shirt.  Like Jerusalem Artichokes in the 1980s, and Ostriches in the 1990`s, those counting on those schemes to save the family farm watched their artichokes rot and turned their once beloved ostriches lose in the country.


I don`t see a "corn, bean hemp wheat rotation" in the midwest, there`ll probably be a well connected operator  here and there with 80 acres of the stuff.  The whole thing with hemp is the marketing of it, there`s a guy that sells pregnant cow urine to ...ahem, gullible farmers to spray on their soils.  Now a ol` slick like that would do alright on the ground floor of the hemp industry.


But growing it shouldn`t be hard, because killing it is so difficult, I have a filter strip along a ditch bank and if you don`t spray and chop, it`ll over take the bromegrass and get 12 foot tall by Pheasant nesting season.

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