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Cargill Says Shipping Grain Is Tough

Grain buyers are getting creative with delivery contracts, as the flooded Mississippi delivers a blow to elevator locations. Marketeye talked to Cargill. Here's the latest just for you guys and gals.


Full story: Grain Shipping on the Rivers Run Deep



So, what's the basis like, in your neighborhood. Southern Minnesota corn basis is better than central Illinois, for the first time in a long time.






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Re: Cargill Says Shipping Grain Is Tough

Same old story...Water too deep...Water  too shallow....Barge freight up...Can't get barges (even though they own 'em)... Ports at the gulf closed for repairs  Ocean ship freight went up...On and on...Been delivering grain to ohio river for 40 years and heard it all

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Re: Cargill Says Shipping Grain Is Tough

well said Raw....always one more reason to increase their profit margins

Same in the seed business....."we need the money for R&D"...what for

the product we produce with your R&D is becoming pretty worthless...

kind of like doing R&D on the stage coaches....   :-)