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Casino Marketing

Someone below made a comment below about farmers might as well go to the casino as opposed to doing a better job of marketing and growing their crops.  

Well, I've got news for you.     Farmers have already been doing that for  decades.

As long as we have these government reports that are treated as gospel by the traders, the deck is stacked.   Most farmers already know that the house always wins.

Just throw us a few crumbs for our meager existence and leave us alone. Smiley Wink

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Re: Casino Marketing

There is no doubt that good information helps one market.  There is also no doubt that some trade on noise.  

Government reports are not treated as gospel by traders.  They are simply a reference point that helps people get together on a price.  Using them or any information wisely does seem to stack the deck.

One of the problems is we should only care about selling once a year, that is, hedging.  Traders are trying to make money every day, every hour.  Why do we care about that?  We only have to be  pretty much right twice, once when we sell and once when we buy (if hedging).