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Re: Chart - mkt updates

The crushers can simply say No Mas and shut down. Cx do you see a squeeze coming.?Would a commercial stay long futures and force delivery say in July beans. Now that would be interesting.
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Re: Chart - mkt updates

Could get to the point of the bean meal users sourcing the beans for the crushers in some areas.


This could be especially true for any tonnage needed above existing contracts.


Meal tonight is $500.15 ton fob Council Bluffs, Iowa


There are still quite a few beans in the west central grain belt. Most are in strong hands

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Re: Chart - mkt updates

commercials did their usual scale up selling as price increased on this leg from 1300... but, from a couple of weeks ago through last week - they act as though market is making a NEW significant swing low - only it's 160-175 cent higher low???


so now, they are now as net long as they were on Feb 4 when H contract settled 1312^4 --after a 200 cent rally - can't say I've ever seen them do this.


Natural law of the commercial $$$ - longest at significant swing lows - shortest at the tops. Natural law will never change - but mkt price will adjust.


limit increased to 100 cents so fewer participants (specs + commercials) get squeezed -- instead of getting locked in...i don't think we've seen anything like this --

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Re: Chart - mkt updates

Winds gusting 50+MPH this morning.  No sunshine, no rain, just over 50F.  If the wind velocity is at or above the temperature does that mean it's cold or windy?

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