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Charts indicate higher farm markets, for now

See the analysts comments on what the charts are signaling.


Marketeye sits down with a chartist, talking signals.



What say you?



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Re: Mike, thank you, great interview, help me bring some things into focus.

Mike, thanks so much, that was greatly interview, it really help me bring this market into focus, answered some questions, gave me some targets to aim for.  I'm like Al, I rarely pick the top, I settle for getting some good second and third base hits, leave the home runs to better players.

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Re: Charts indicate higher farm markets, for now

I've never thought that the farming industry is a good investment opportunity. Besides, I think those charts and articles have been created so that people think it's a good idea to invest in agriculture. Try to dig for more information about past investments and analyze it. You will see that farming is not profitable at all. The government wants us to invest in this area and share this financial burden. I suggest you read some information on how to read forex charts beginners. It will help you in the future with any charts and graphs, and you will be able to read valuable info between the lines and see way more data that people don't want to share openly.

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